Thursday, November 22, 2012

A note from Bradley

Dear Children of the World

My name is Bradley Bartleby. If you haven’t heard of me, that’s probably because you are ignorant wretches.

My family are immensely rich and I live in a huge house with a garden that is big enough to lose an elephant in. You might think that being rich means that I can have whatever I want. Sadly, this is not the case. While my parents give in to my every demand, not everyone follows their fine example.  There is one man in particular, who stubbornly refuses to give me what I want.  His name is Santa Claus.

While this fat fool gives proper presents to all of you each Christmas, he seems determined not to do the same for me. Ever since I was a baby, the only gift he’s given me is a pair of stupid socks, which is more of an insult than a gift.

I’m not prepared to put up with this for any longer, so this Christmas I’m going to make sure I get what I want from Santa – this Christmas I’m going to take every present he’s got.

To achieve this I’ve spent the whole of this year converting my house into a stupendous SANTA TRAP.  Although I still have a few jobs left to do, I’m confident that I will catch the crimson clod. I’m obviously hoping to nab Santa early on in his journey, while he’s still got most of his gifts. Either way, it will mean that some of you will not be getting your presents this year. I realise that many children will be upset by this.  To those children I say, “BOOHOO!”, “LOOK AT THE LITTLE CRY BABY!” and “TOUGH LUCK!” I’ve suffered many disappointing Christmases - now it’s your turn!

I’m aware that there is a picture book entitled “The Santa Trap” that claims to tell the story of what I’m doing. I have to admit that the first half of this book contains a disturbingly accurate account of my early life and the events of the last few months.  The book’s author and illustrator have clearly been spying on me. I must improve the security here at Bartleby Hall – it seems that having ravenous tigers roaming the grounds is not enough.

I didn’t bother reading the second half of the book as it was clearly made-up nonsense.  It appears to show events that have not even happened yet!!! The author and illustrator of the book, Jonathan Emmett and Poly Bernatene, are obviously charlatans and the book’s publishers, Peachtree, must be gullible idiots.  I would urge you to ignore the book completely –  only there is this rather fetching portrait of me on the front cover.

So I suggest you buy a copy, put the dust cover in an expensive frame and throw away the rest of the book – or better still burn it!

To set the record straight as to my actual activities, I have taken out a Twitter account @BradleyBartleby and will be tweeting a daily progress report as I put the finishing touches to my trap.
You can find my profile page here

The first tweet will be on the 1st December and the last on the 24th December, after which I will be too busy opening my thousands of presents to tweet any more. Since this period coincides with advent, I thought I’d use “Bradley’s Advent Calendar” as my profile name.  However this title was too long for the halfwits at Twitter, who can only cope with a few syllables at a time it seems, so I’ve had to abbreviate it to “BADVENT CALENDAR” instead.

I expect that I’ll be too busy finishing the trap to respond to any tweets you might send me, so don’t bother trying to talk me out of it or begging me to stop - and I’m not interested in any other tedious little remarks you might want to make!

Here’s wishing ME a very merry and present-filled christmas.

Yours vengefully,

Bradley Bartleby

Edited: It looks like Bradley is at it again! He's taken up a post at Scribble Street

Edited AGAIN: Bradley's gone international! Now he's in Argentina! This kid won't stop at anything!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Happy Holidays from Peachtree!

Thanksgiving is this week which means that starting on Friday, the holiday season is upon us! (Or, if you're like me, the holiday season has been here since Halloween. Yes I'm one of 'those people.') 

Check out our newest holiday book, The Santa Trap (October 2012)!

The Santa Trap
Written by Jonathan Emmett
Illustrated by Poly Bernatene
Bradley Bartleby is bad. 

Very bad. 

To avoid Bradley's wrath, his wealthy parents buy him whatever he wants. All the adults in Bradley's life are running scared--except for Santa Claus, who refuses to give him anything but socks. But Bradley vows to get what he deserves. If Santa won't give him the fits he wants, Bradley will just have to steal them. 

It takes Bradley a full year to execute is plan. In the end, he trasforms his house into a trap so fearsome even his parents refuse to enter it. With dynamite, trapdoors, guillotines, and tigers in his path, Santa doesn't stand a chance. 

Or does he?    

Take a look at some of our other holiday books from past seasons!

Jingle Bells
Written by John Harris
Illustrated byAdam Gustavson

Santa's Eleven Months Off
Written by Mike Reiss
Illustrated by Michael G. Montgomery

Santa recovers from a hectic December by embarking on a hilrious campaign of adverture and self-improvement.
Santa's Last Present
Written by Marie-Aude Murail and Elvire Murail
Illustrated by Quentin Blake

Julian thinks he's getting to big to believe in Santa, but when he finds an extra present under the tree, he discovers that he may not be too old after all.

Where Teddy Bears Come From
Written by Mark Burgess
Illustrated by Russell Ayto

A little wolf knows just what he needs to get a good night's sleep: a teddy bear to cuddle, just like in his favorite story book.

Little Rabbit's Christmas
Written and Illustrated by Harry Horse 

 Happy Thanksgiving (and as always, happy reading!)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Coming Spring 2013...

It's November, so obviously it's time to think about SPRING! 

We're starting to get proofs in of our new books -- boxes everywhere! It's like birthday but without the cake. Thankfully we have a new book that is better than cake! 

I'm not giving away all of the surprises just yet though.  Here's just a bit of a sneak peek...

I can't wait until we can share more of this one with you! Stay tuned for more details as we get closer to spring! 

Happy Reading!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Veterans' Day

 Today, we remember our veterans and show our immense gratitude for their sacrifices. Thank you so much for all that you do for us and for our country!

Nearly 100 years ago, on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918, an armistice was signed between Germany and the Allied Nations, ending World War I. From then on, November 11 was known as Armistice Day. Then, in 1954, the holiday was changed from Armistice Day to Veterans' Day. On this day every year, we thank those who have served the USA.

This brings us to a Backlist Spotlight:

Christmas in the Trenches
Written by John McCutcheon
Illustrated by Henri Sorensen
This fictional tale, based on a real event during WWI, takes place on Christmas Eve 1914. The war had started several months prior, but on this night, the war paused. The Allied armies could hear the German army singing "Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht" from across the frozen No Man's Land. The Allied forces soon joined in with "Silent night, holy night." This event unofficially became known as the Christmas Truce.

Author John McCutcheon originally wrote a song based on this event called "Christmas in the Trenches." He said, "I first thought I would only sing the song and tell the story during the Christmas season. I soon learned that it deserves--no, needs--to be told 365 days a year."

Pennies in a Jar
Written by Dori Chaconas
Illustrated by Ted Lewin
This beautiful story tells the tale of a young boy whose father goes off to fight in WWII. Before he leaves, his father tells him, "If something is important enough, you just have to do it, even if you are afraid." The boys makes sure to follow his dad's words of wisdom while he is away.

Thank you veterans for doing the job you do, even when you are afraid.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Theory of Everything blog tour!

Just because everyone else thinks you should be over it doesn't mean you are. 

If you haven't yet checked out JJ Johnson's sophomore novel, The Theory of Everything, get thee to a bookstore pronto! 

To celebrate this awesome book, we're having a special blog tour -- be sure to check back every week for new reviews, chances to win, notes from JJ and more! 

Also be sure to check out JJ's awesome blog here!

Thursday, November 8
Today we kick off the tour with a trip down memory lane. Ever wonder what JJ was like as a teen? Check out her Dear Teen Me post today! 

Tuesday, November 13
Leafing Through Life has the first review of the tour up today!

(Happy Thanksgiving! There will be no posts the week of November 19, but if you'll be at NCTE, be sure to swing by the ALAN workshop and see JJ on Tuesday 11/20!)

Wednesday, November 28
E Kristin Anderson is posting a review today! 

Monday, December 10
Hollywood the Write Way is featuring a review and an interview with JJ! 

Monday, December 17
As I Turn the Pages will feature a review and excerpt from the book!

Keep an eye out for giveaways -- you don't want to miss this one!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Election Day

Election Day is upon us! There may be uncertainty as to who will win the election tomorrow, but no matter which way it goes, the president is bound to have his fair share of challenges ahead.

So, where do you go when you're having a crummy day?

In Mr. President Goes to School, a trip back to elementary school is just the ticket. The president sure feels better after finger painting in Mrs. Appletree's class and playing on the playground. But amid the fun and games, he is also reminded of all the important lessons he learned in school like saying please, raising his hand, and taking turns.

At the end of the school day Mr. President returns to the White House and uses these lessons to solve a potential international crisis between 2 foreign prime ministers. Can you imagine living in a world where disputes are that easy to solve?

No matter which candidate you support, make sure to go out and vote tomorrow! And, as always, Happy Reading! 

For more presidential reading, check out First Dog Fala!